Trust Your Gut with Adam Hiner, Co-Founder of Boochcraft


I LOVE Boochcraft. And if you're a kombucha lover like me, then I have a strong feeling you will love it too! Boochcraft, a new business based in San Diego, is revolutionizing the kombucha industry by adding a high alcohol option (7.0% ABV) while still maintaining the health benefits that kombucha lovers adore. Through their unique combinations and flavors, Boochcraft is changing the game by providing a healthy alternative to social drinking. I knew I needed to sit down with Co-founder and friend, Adam Hiner, to learn more about his entrepreneurial beginnings, passion for health, and his journey to Break Wild. Check it out below!

Hey Adam! So that our readers can get to know you better, where are you from originally?

Adam Hiner: Richmond, VA

And where do you live now?

AH: San Diego, CA

When did you Break Wild?

AH: It all happened back when I started my first business, Eco Caters, in 2007.  Since then I have started a handful of different businesses focused around organic food and healthy lifestyle.

What is a belief you live by and use as a compass to guide your path?

I believe that in order to be truly successful we must follow our passions, be willing to fail multiple times, and never stop learning.  I also think that we must constantly challenge ourselves.  I am starting to see that health and wellness is for me the single most important aspect of my success.  

If I feel 100% healthy, it puts me a such a great position to inspire others, which is the definition of success in my opinion.

Tell us the story of your beginning... Describe what was going on in your life before you made the leap to do what you are doing now? 
Was there a moment in time where a light bulb went off and this idea that you are pursuing now came to you? 

AH: I originally thought of the idea of having a kombucha brewery when I was brewing and serving kombucha on tap at my restaurant.  I tabled the idea for lack of funds and time.  Years later I sparked the idea with a buddy of mine, and it was truly like a light bulb went off.  Timing was much better, we had the funds to get it started and there was no question that we could make it happen.  I think that timing is very important and sometimes you just know when it is right.

What 3 skills helped you most when you were getting started?

AH: Business, Marketing, and Networking. (My relationships in the industry allowed this to be possible - without them, I do not think we would have been successful).

Was there anything you wish you knew while you were getting started?

AH: Yes, the construction and permit process was horrible.  I knew it would be but we thought hiring a contractor would make it easy, and now we know better.  We also needed more money than we thought.  Always try to have double the money you think you need to get started! Always!

What did you think your job would entail and what do you actually do on a daily basis?

AH: I think I am doing exactly what I imagined.  My strengths have always been on the customer facing side, marketing etc.  Luckily I have two other business partners (Todd Kent and Andrew Clark) that have strengths in other places.  We work very well together.

What were some of the biggest fears or doubts you had when starting out?

AH: Honestly, I have not had many fears or doubts with this project.  I have been very confident the whole way.  Mainly it was around raising enough capital to get started and keep it going, but that proved to be very easy.  I think my experience in past businesses helped my confidence in this one.

If you could give advice to yourself from 5 years ago, what would you tell yourself now?

AH: I would tell myself 5 years ago to start this concept back then :)

Having started a couple businesses before you launched Boochcraft, I'd love to know what experiences or learning helped prep you for entrepreneurship?
I want everyone to know success is rarely if ever an overnight phenomenon. What leaps do you recall making that demanded you face fears you had about really making your vision a reality?

AH: I think being really willing to commit myself fully to this project.  There was a time when I was just trying to kind of manage it without fully diving in, and I realized that if we were going to be wildly successful I needed to give my full attention and efforts to it.  

A new business is like a baby - they need your full attention.

What do you do daily – rituals, productivity tricks you have learned – that keep you focused, feeling like the best version of you and inspired to continue creating?

I am constantly working on bettering myself and learning.  I think if I keep trying new things then it keeps me interested, which makes me so much more focused.  I also put my health and wellness above all else on the priority list.  If I am not well, then I do not have anything to give to others or to my business.

Book(s) you are reading right now?

AH: The Paleo Cure, The Good Gut,

Favorite quote?

AH: All disease begins in the gut - Hippocrates

Who inspires you?

AH: My nephew - Jett (his dad is my business partner so we gotta make this thing work for his future)

What is the Best overall lesson you’ve gained from running your business?

AH: Follow your gut

And finally, what quick tips or words of advice would you like to leave for anyone wishing to Break Wild and pursue their dreams?

If you'd like to learn more about Boochcraft and find out if there's a location near you the carries their kombucha, check out!


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